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Bienvenue and About This Site

So in class a lot of people (me included) aren't really sure of when to use certain tenses, like the imperfect. So I decided to make a site which told us that, and showed us how to use the tenses. Then I just made it an opportunity for us to improve ourselves all-round.

So this site is designed for our year level, and I have assumed that everyone has good knowledge of how to conjugate regular and irregular verbs in the present tense (excluding reflexive verbs and writing direct and indirect object pronouns, which are under grammar).

What's on here?

So far, not much. It'll expand as we learn and I'll find extra stuff to put on here. But it'll have all the different tenses that we have learnt in class - endings, conjugations, irregular verbs and explanations on when to use theme - as well as things like reflexive verbs, adjective placement, pronouns, and direct and indirect object pronouns.

I'm also going to be slowly adding vocab lists to the site, sorted by theme. As you can see, there will also be challenges. They might range from anything to memorizing an irregular verb to re-writing a passage of your weekly journal into a different tense.